Week Two Process Post

This was my first time designing a website and the first time I had done anything remotely similar to this activity. When planning my website, I knew the aesthetics of the website would play a massive part in the overall design. This is because a film is an aesthetic aspect of life, and nostalgia is highly associated with aesthetics. That’s why I went with a website that had a black-and-grey look. Similar to that of the classic films such as Casablanca or Miracle on 34th Street. I also went with this look because it pays homage to how a film reel looks like. A film reel is often black with aspects of white.
Even though my website is primarily black and grey, it includes various colors representing the different decades of film. Throughout the website, there are elements of color by incorporating movie posters. This allows my audience to engage with the subject matter even if they might not know the film being discussed and may want to look at the film my blog post is discussing eventually. Sometimes, it is difficult for people to engage with black-and-white cinema. I did not want that audience to feel left out, but it would be silly not to acknowledge the history of black and white cinema throughout my website.
I also used a picture of a cinema that still uses replaceable letters for which movies are showing. Above the box office, we can see a worker changing the letters for the upcoming films and again playing into the aspect of nostalgia that a lot of my audience will have when thinking about their memories associated with the film.

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