Week Three Process Post

When mapping out my website, my website must include some film components, such as old movie posters. These posters are representative of the era in which these movies are from. These film posters can also encapsulate a certain sense of nostalgia for many viewers of the website. The black and white also can represent when it’s dark in a movie theater when a film begins to play.
The best social media platform for my online presence would be Twitter or X. Twitter/X would allow me to share my thoughts regarding nostalgic films while allowing my audience to engage with my reviews and share their opinions. YouTube would be a great platform as well due to the visual element associated with that platform.
As I continue building my website audience, I have to work on developing forms of social media to build my audience. I currently do not have any forms of social media. I want to create the right audience through these social media platforms.
I am apprehensive about creating a TikTok due to my political beliefs; however, I believe TikTok would be a great platform to continue building my public. The ability of TikTok allows for visual elements and the ability to engage would-like-minded individuals in the comment section.