Week Nine Process Post (Misinformation)

This week’s process post will discuss what we discussed in the lecture and how I can improve my website from this information. The lecture topic this week was what’s the concept of fake news and misinformation around news. While on the surface, this subject matter does not affect the Films of Yesteryear significantly, that is not true. Frequently, movie news is misreported due to outlets trying to get the news out there as quickly as possible. There have been movie projects that have never been developed due to a breach of information or incorrect information coming out about a movie. This fake news has dramatically affected a lot of the castings done in Hollywood. One of the most famous examples is Nicholas Cage being cast as Superman. While this rumor was never confirmed, fan outcry about this concept stopped any form of potential production being made on this movie, resulting in potentially many people losing out on financial success due to fake news.
That is why, with my website, I credit every film writer and director properly—ensuring that fake news is not associated with my website. This authenticates the product that I am supplying my audience. While also attributing art pieces to the right people.
Fake news in Hollywood sells a lot of tabloids; however, the negative tabloids created by fake news can be detrimental to the Hollywood industry regarding the production of films. That is why fake news should not be part of the film industry, as people can lose out on potential earnings for misinformation.