Week Four Process Post

When developing my website, Films of YesterYear, I hoped to have an audience of people who genuinely enjoy what many call ” classic movies.” This would be a website where individuals could engage with the films they might have a memory of. Films that each year we find ourselves watching or movies that we have a deep emotional connection to. So, the audience associated with what I’m trying to build on my website would be people who are deeply into film or share memories of cinema—specifically movies before 2015.
The imagined audience associated with my website has profoundly impacted how I design and craft my website. I have developed a place for people to comment on specific film reviews and engage with the week’s memes. Also, the way the website is designed is to show a lot of the nostalgic elements associated with classic films, such as black-and-white aesthetics. Even the logo related to the website shows the iconic movie projectors that many audience members may associate with their nostalgic films. While critiquing those films, the website is designed to be a love letter to classic cinema. The website design encapsulates many nostalgic feelings associated with movies my audience would have watched.