Week 1 Process Post

For my process post this week, I engaged with a stranger and discussed the movie Scream. I noticed he was wearing a shirt featuring the iconic mask killer “Ghostface ” with the caption, ” Who are you talking to.” I had never seen this shirt before and complimented the stranger regarding his shirt. This compliment eventually led to us talking about Scream for 20 minutes while commuting from Brentwood Station to Coquitlam Center. We had discussed all six films, and I realized we both had a shared nostalgia for the original movie. At the same time, we appreciate the more modern adaptations; however, the original still held more of a special place in our hearts.
However, approaching a conversation with this stranger was easier because we shared a love for the movie Scream. His shirt allowed me to engage in conversation with him without much difficulty. However, if I had not learned his interest, starting this conversation would have been more difficult.
This is much different than online interactions. When we engage with people online, we often connect with individuals who share our interests. These shared interests allow us to converse about or participate in subjects we are well informed about. This is much different than talking to a stranger in public, and often, it’s challenging to engage with a stranger because we need more information about that stranger or if we like the same interests.