Trick ‘r Treat (2007) Week Seven

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This is our last week of the spooky season. And what better film to end it with than Trick ‘r Treat (2007)? It is a cult classic film that has begun to gain more of a mainstream following due to the masterful storytelling within this movie. The haunting aesthetics associated with this movie have also led to the movie developing a nostalgic and cult classic following. The nostalgic factor is also helped by this movie always showing on AMC channel during October. Can this newer movie invoke feelings of nostalgia, or is it just AMC that can do that? This review will discuss whether Trick ‘r Treat (2007) deserves a nostalgia title.
Trick ‘r Treat ( 2007) was masterminded by Michael Dougherty, who directed and wrote the film. Dougherty wanted to ensure that his vision was adequately portrayed in his movie. Trick ‘r Treat (2007) follows the fictional town of Warren Valley, Ohio, during Halloween night as viewers follow some of the citizens as they engage in festive activities that properly honor this spooky holiday. The film itself portrays individual stories within a non-linear narrative plot. However, the demonic creature known as Sam is at the root of these stories. A demon who truly honors and enforces the rules of Halloween.
The iconic design of Sam has instantly made him a horror icon who is recognized by fans immediately. The set pieces and setting associated with this movie encapsulate Halloween and all the festivities associated with it. The gore related to this movie and iconic stories continue to transcend this movie into a nostalgic cult classic.
However, this movie does have its flaws. Being a non-linear narrative movie with multiple stories, it can be difficult for viewers to follow some aspects of the film. While this storytelling is unique, it may not be preferred by some audience viewers. The budget associated with the film also affects some of the abilities of the storytelling, leading to some scenes being unable to craft the genuine aspirations of the director.
Even though this film may have its flaws, it is exceptional. I remember seeing this movie every Halloween season on AMC. It would signal that Halloween is just around the corner and get me in the right feeling for this beautiful holiday. This movie is also brutal to find, except for AMC. Making it that much more special to see it on TV. The set pieces and characters designed by Michael Dougherty genuinely place you in the Halloween spirit.
Therefore, this movie deserves 7 1/2 film projectors out of 10. While this movie does have its flaws, and its unique storytelling might be intricate for some viewers to follow, it is genuinely worth viewing during the Halloween season.
To ask my readers what you think of this movie and whether you have seen it before. Do you remember seeing it from AMC, or did you see it elsewhere? And do you believe that Sam is a true Horror genre icon?

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A movie poster of Trick R Treat (2007)
A movie poster of Trick ‘r Treat (2007) depicting all the stories in the movie.