Top Gun (1986) Week Two

As we continue our journey, the best movie that is suited for this week is ” Top Gun (1986). However, because our website is beginning to take flight, some challenges may be ahead, and the same can be said for Top Gun(1986).

Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr. wrote Top Gun. This film was directed by Tony Scott and was released on May 16, 1986. This movie follows the journey of three pilots: Pete Mitchell ( Maverick), played by Tom Cruise, Tom Kazansky (Iceman), played by Val Kilmer, and Nick Bradshaw (Goose), played by Anthony Edwards. The movie mostly follows the three pilots’ journey at the Naval Fighter Weapons School, working to overcome various flaws that impact their ability to become great fighter pilots. The movie primarily focuses on Maverick throughout the film; however, it allows all three pilots to play pivotal roles throughout the film and their journey. Eventually, the movie leads to the two pilots deployed on a high-stakes mission.

This rewatch was the first time I had seen the film in over a decade. I had previously seen this movie with my uncle, a member of the Canadian Air Force. I remember being amazed by the sound of the fighter jets as they took off throughout the film. The soundtrack greatly enhanced the film, allowing the audience to feel like they were preparing to go on a reconnaissance mission. This film held a special place because it was one of the few films I got to watch with my uncle before it had to go away due to Air Force training.

However, on the rewatch, many nostalgic aspects of the film fall very flat. The script is highly predictable and has very bland writing. While the charisma of Tom Cruise makes this film enjoyable, it does not necessarily make the movie a must-watch. You feel forced to watch a bland soap opera episode for most of the film. The few fighting scenes also help enhance the movie but don’t do enough to save it ultimately. Top Gun is one of the few movies in which the sequel is much better than its predecessor. Overall, I would give this film five film projectors out of ten, and this movie should be locked in the Nostalgia Safe.

I want to ask my audience what you think of this film. And does the film hold up for you?

  • The Nostalgic Film Critic 
A movie poster of Top Gun (1986)
A movie poster of Top Gun featuring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis