Shrek (2001) Week Three

Hello readers, as we continue our journey on this nostalgic-filled adventure, the best movie to watch for the end of September is Shrek (2001). We all begin to become ogres at this time of the year, feeling like we are living in a swamp due to the weather and midterms coming around the corner. I also selected this week’s film because it’s my significant other’s favorite film.
Shrek is an animated comedy film about an ogre named Shrek who is forced to capture a princess named Fiona to appease Lord Farquaad. Along his journey, Shrek finds the companionship of a talking donkey named Donkey. Eventually, Princess Fiona and Shrek develop a mutual attraction to each other, at the displeasure of Lord Farquaad.
The highly talented Mike Myers voices Shrek and Donkey, voiced by the highly comedic Eddie Murphy. This animated feature was directed by Adam Adamson and Vicky Jenson, which was their first debut as directors. The script was written by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, and Roger S.H. Schulman. This film would eventually win the first Oscar for best-animated film of the year.
Honestly, I was apprehensive to do this film because of the nostalgic feeling I had towards this movie. I was scared that many of my memories would dissipate due to the movie having poor writing or animation seeming outdated. This feature was one of the first movies I remember attending as a child in the cinema. I remember seeing this movie with both my parents and hearing them laugh in unison at some of the jokes,
To my pleasure, I was ecstatic that the film was still a cinematic masterpiece in the eyes of this Gen Zer. The movie is well-written and littered with jokes that still hold up to this day. The voice talent behind this feature is exceptional and makes this movie truly memorable.
Therefore, Shrek deserves a ten out of ten film projectors score. This movie won’t disappoint you on a rewatch and will allow you to build further memories if you choose to watch this film with loved ones.
I want to ask my audience what you think of this film and all the various memes associated with this feature?

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A movie poster of Shrek (2001).
Shrek movie poster
Shrek (2001).