Process Post Week 8 (Design)

This week’s process post will look at the design of my website after listening to the guest speaker. According to the guest speaker, my website would fall under the balance category regarding aesthetics and design principles. That makes sense because that was the design I aimed for. As I continued my journey of building my website, the balanced aesthetic was best suited to use for a film website because, frequently, in film, it is balanced. When designing my website, I made sure to include a movie poster and a clip in every single post, therefore creating a balanced aesthetic in the design. The way the poster and movie clip are embedded into each page helps develop a sense of balance and allows the reader to know what to expect.
Also, the black-and-white design of the website plays into the concept of the design principle of balance. The black background and the white text on this background create a nice contrast for the reader. This nice contrast can encourage readers to read more and engage with my website even further.
The title on each page for each movie review creates a balanced aesthetic as well. The title has the same feeling as a credit right before the movie. It allows the readers to correctly see the title of the film that will be discussed in each film review, thus furthering my vision of a balanced design principle on my website.
Overall, I liked the information the guest lecturer taught us and genuinely implemented the information onto my website.