Week Six Process Post

This week’s process post will deal with how I felt editing for critiquing a peer’s website. This was the first time I was ever asked to critique someone’s vision and work. I felt weird doing this because this was someone’s vision for how they wanted to implement their website. My critiques may not align with the idea of their blog. Therefore, my advice can only go far with their web development. However, the person’s website I was critiquing found my advice quite valuable for further developing their blog. After speaking with them after class, we both had a general appreciation for each other’s critiques.
When my website was critiqued, my partner brought up valid critiques for improving my website. For example, Paola brought up the idea of me defining a clear metric for how I rate films, such as defining what five film projectors out of ten film projectors mean or what would classify as a nostalgic film. This was great advice to improve my website and improve my online self.
Overall, I immensely enjoyed having my website critique because this activity allowed me to see different perspectives regarding my website. I can improve my website and attract a bigger audience by visiting this perspective. I was thankful for Paola’s advice, and I will make sure to implement that advice on my website.