Process Post Week 12 (Guidelines)

For this week’s process post, I’ll analyze how I would implement guidelines on my website. When designing policies for this website, I never thought about how essential guidelines are in the comment sections and on the website. With my guidelines, it would be best to allow anonymity due to the psychological effects of anonymity versus not having it. Often, people feel like they are less able to participate on websites if they don’t have anonymity. However, this could lead to an adverse effect, such as hateful or spam comments. The toll that negative comments can take on people is staggering and is one of the reasons I was scared to implement an anonymity policy in the comment section.
However, I want my website to be where anybody can freely interact about what movie I am discussing that week. I also want to create an audience who cares about what I am saying about certain films and is willing to participate even behind anonymity. People can be scared to share their opinions freely without this feature. At the end of the day, I prefer a comment section with actual conversations where people share their true views rather than a place where people are afraid to speak their genuine opinions about the movies I am reviewing and the ones I am critiquing.
Negative comments have a considerable impact on mental Health. That is why I would limit and potentially ban anybody who is being hateful for any reason. There’s a massive difference between being cruel and critiquing someone’s work. My opinion regarding movies should be critiqued; that way, I can learn how to construct my reviews better while seeing what my audience prefers.
Overall, I would love my website to be a place where true movie lovers come to enjoy themselves and face minimal hate.