Process Post Week 10 (Recommaditons )

This week’s process post will look at the recommendations made by Jordan through her peer review regarding my website. Many of Jordan’s critiques regarding my website were highly accurate and improved my audience’s overall user experience. For example, one of her recommendations was to ensure the plug-in was working correctly on all my images. This recommendation would help with the accessibility of my website, allowing my audience to have the ability to access my website no matter what their disability was. This was a good recommendation by Jordan, and I have begun implementing all these steps.
Another recommendation by Jordan I agree with was to include social media on my website. However, I may not implement this because I am not a fan of social media and do not use any social media platforms. She did recommend using TikTok as a platform to grow my audience. This was a good recommendation; however, I don’t believe in using TikTok due to political reasons.
Another recommendation of Jordan was fixing the names of my many assignments, so they stuck out more. I agree with this and immediately changed the names of my mini projects—for example, I named it the podcast for assignment three rather than using assignment three. I appreciated this recommendation because it showed a certain thoughtfulness when Jordan examined my website. Jordan’s thoughtfulness has thoroughly improved numerous aspects of my website.
Another recommendation made by Jordan was regarding the color of my font for my website. I won’t make the change because the font color is a homage to black-and-white films. While also being accessible for colorblind people. I appreciate this recommendation; however, it doesn’t need to be implemented on my website.
Overall, I’m thankful for the second peer review because Jordan did a fantastic job assessing my website and recommending how to improve it for the audience. The thoughtfulness she put in the peer review is truly helpful in improving the structure of my website and the user experience.