Predator (1987) Week Eight

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This week’s movie review will analyze a sci-fi classic, and horror movie quotes that have made an everlasting impression on society. Quotes that are routinely said when hanging with your friends or meeting new people. Quotes that could get you instantly liked or have a weird side-eye thrown your way. You may be thinking, which movie is that? The answer is 1987’s Predator. It’s a movie full of big muscles, memorable quotes, and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But is this movie truly as impressive as we seem to remember it, or is it just the quotes that leave an imprinting effect of nostalgia? This week’s movie review will get down to answering this question and understanding if this movie is worth saying “Stick around” to watch.
This genre-bending movie was the creation of brothers Jim and John Thomas, who developed the script. 20 Century Fox believed that John McTiernan was the right man for the director chair due to his extensive history of working on science fiction films. John McTiernan, in the next year, would work on another movie that will be discussed on this website, which is Die Hard (1988). The cast consisted of many of the action stars of the ’80s and early ’90s. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Major Alan “Dutch ” Schaefer.
Dutch is in charge of leading a group of mercenaries throughout a South American country trying to rescue a foreign cabinet minister. The mercenaries must endure attacks from soviet backed allies while also dealing with a menacing assailant. This sinister assailant is much more skilled at hunting down these mercenaries. Ultimately leaving the audience wondering who this assailant is and whether our heroes make it home safely.
This movie is genuinely carried by an outstanding performance by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger’s line delivery and classic charisma add nostalgia to this movie. His charm is one of the reasons that audiences of the ’80s and early ’90s fell in love with his acting abilities. This charm is on full display for this movie. As well as the other cast members truly portray their characters well.

I have a deep connection to this film, so there may be some bias in this review. Predator has always been a part of my life due to me growing up in the town in which Alien versus Predator Requiem (2007) was filmed. That, coupled with my appreciation for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charm, has led to a deep nostalgia for this film. I built a new memory this summer by showing my significant other and cousin this movie for the first time. They both instantly fell in love with this classic, which has resulted in them routinely quoting the lines from this movie. Also, this last Halloween, I had the opportunity to attend a VFX special effects museum that showcased a Predator costume that was used in the film.

Overall, the excellent performances by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his fellow cast make this movie a classic. However, there are flaws with this movie. One is the slow burn at the film’s beginning, which can be more challenging for audience members. The actual action of the film starts 48 minutes into the film. Another flaw associated with a movie is that some of the comedy related to the film can fall flat throughout the film.

While this film may have flaws, the viewing experience just for the delivery of lines and outstanding performance by Arnold Schwarzenegger is worth every penny. Therefore, I give Predator (1987) 8 film projectors out of 10.

I would love to ask my audience what you think of this film? And how often do you find yourself quoting this iconic movie?

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A prosthetic from Predator movies
Predator Prosthetic
Predator movie poster from 1987
A movie poster designed for Predator (1987)
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