Peer Review 3

For this peer review, I am critiquing the work of Jordan Few on her website, Jordan has done a magnificent job of developing and creating her website. The amount of work that has been put into her website will lead to this website being highly marketable for the audience she’s trying to attract. This act of creation is easily seen by how colorful and pleasing the website design is, making it attractive to a wide range of audience participants. When the comment section is utilized correctly, it could lead to greater participation on her website. This participation could lead to more advertisements on her website, leading to her traveling more. Which in return would lead to more incredible content being produced and made on this website. Jordan’s color scheme on the website is also very neutral while appealing. Her color scheme won’t attract specific demographics but will appeal to everyone. Which genuinely makes her website a shining example of marketability.

Jordan does not use much gender writing; instead, she focuses on her real-life interaction with these places. By sharing her real-life examples of these places, she’s being authentic and more appealing to a broader range of people. She is implementing numerous principles from Jesse’s Thorn article. For example, she is truly” authentic” (Thorn, Transom, 2012) and is “following her passion” (Thorn, Transom, 2012 ). Her immense dedication sees these two principles in crafting her blog posts while adding an element of flare that makes these blogs stand out from most other travel blog posts. For example, one of my favorite posts is about her adventures in Lucerne and Titlis. Her playful writing shows a great passion for her travels. I genuinely enjoy learning about her fun facts and highlights of each vacation. This passion helps make her website more marketable and exposes her audience to her authentic voice.

There are some points in which Jordan can improve to make her website more marketable. For example, one area where she can improve is making sure that every post that involves a picture properly has alt text for her readers who may have disabilities. While this might be a minuscule critique, it could help improve the marketability of her website to a general audience. At the same time, making the website more accessible for people with disabilities.

Another critique I have for Jordan’s website is that it should include more photos on her Instagram. Being a travel blogger, many people rely on photos and videos to understand a blogger’s perspective or experience in the area they visit. While Jordan may need to improve the videos and pictures on her Instagram, she makes up for it with her fantastic writing about these places. However, more videos and photos would take her website over the top and attract a broader range of people, such as those who may have a reading disability and can relate more to videos or photos. This will result in a more general audience and improve the marketability of her website.

Jordan, in particular, has cultivated a magnificent digital garden. Her website has ” grown and changed” ( Basu, Human and Technology,5 September, 2020) for the better, and she has become a stronger writer throughout her journey of building her website.

Overall, after exploring Jordan’s website, this website is exceptional and fun to read. Jordan’s passion for traveling is demonstrated throughout the website, and her authentic voice elevates her content to incredible levels. If Jordan implements some of my critiques, her website would have no problem being marketable. I had a blast reading Jordan’s website, and I want to congratulate her on the hard work she has put into her website.


Basu, Tanya. September 5, 2020. “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” MIT Technology Review.

Thorn, Jesse. 2012. “Make Your Thing.”