Peer Review 2

For this peer review, I am reviewing the travel blog done by Jordan Few. Her website,, is a travel blog that follows her European vacations in the summer of 2023. Jordan also includes an array of information about the cities and towns she visits throughout her vacation. In her post, she creates a fun fact section for her audience to learn information that is readily known about that week’s location.

The aesthetic associated with is genuinely superb. Jordan does a fantastic job at connecting the themes related to her website to the layout of the website. For example, she uses a font associated with most travel blogs. This lets the reader know what to expect from this website and that it is similar to most travel blogs. This font is also relatively easy to read, which helps with the accessibility associated with the website.

Another fantastic thing when reviewing Jordan’s website is the pictures of each destination she visited. These pictures create an element of color on each post, which is needed to make her website pop. These pictures also allow her audience to connect with the various places she has traveled to and will enable them to imagine that they have been there or relate to the fact that they have visited those same areas.

The website’s layout is much different than most travel blogs. At the same time, it shares many of the same elements and aesthetics associated with travel blogs. It shows that Jordan has begun to develop her digital garden and has begun to cultivate this garden as well. As mentioned by Basu in her article ” Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet,” With digital gardening, you’re talking to yourself. You focus on what you want to cultivate over time “. This is evident throughout Jordan’s website. Her extensive story associated with each destination includes a decent amount of writing. Today, most travel blogs divert from this and use more videos to show their journey. This is a highly refreshing form of content for a travel blog and allows Jordan to encapsulate the stories of her adventures throughout Europe. The inclusion of fun facts about the various locations further illustrates the building of her digital garden.

Jordan does an excellent job integrating social media on her website by including an Instagram. However, Jordan should consider incorporating some videos regarding the various locations she visited. These videos would provide an opportunity for people with disabilities that affect their reading but still want to interact with the website. A social media platform such as TikTok would elevate her travel blog to the next level. Also, including videos of the destinations she visited would enhance the ability for audience members to feel like they were a part of that journey. I recommend that she include different pictures on her Instagram and from the website. Her Instagram should consist of exclusive images of these destinations, ultimately enticing the audience to engage with her digital persona outside the website. Jordan should include more photos on her Instagram rather than just three photos.

The usability and structure of this website are genuinely phenomenal, as well as the layout. The layout is clean and user-friendly. The design is clean and includes minimal flaws. By clicking specific icons throughout, you can navigate easily through the website.

Overall, the website created by Jordan is truly spectacular and one of the best websites I have seen in Pub 101. The layout is highly user-friendly, and the content associated with the website is exciting to read and enjoyable. The product created by Jordan is exceptional and should be cherished by her audience. 


Basu, Tanya. September 5, 2020. “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” MIT Technology Review.