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The movie reviews are rated out of 10 film projectors.

1 out of 10 film projectors means burn this movie now. Why does it exist?

2 out of 10 film projectors means these films might have some nostalgic feelings for a small population; however, many may view these films as terrible.

For the most part, 3 out of 10 film projectors mean this movie is terrible, but there might be one iconic scene that invokes a nostalgic moment for some.

4 out of 10 film projectors mean the movie is your guilty pleasure. You know it’s terrible, but you still watch it, which invokes a warm feeling.

5 out of 10 film projectors means this is a mid-tier movie and mostly forgettable. However, this movie has iconic scenes or lines that make us return to it, such as Dirty Dancing(1987).

6 out of 10 film projectors means that one aspect of the film truly stands out, such as a performance by an actor, cinematography, or how the film is directed. However, other elements of the film fail to deliver. Also, this score can be given due to a nostalgic feeling associated with this film. Such is the case with Back to the Future Part 2 (1989).

7 out of 10 film projectors means multiple elements make this film nostalgic, such as iconic scenes, monumental plot, great performances by actors, etc. However, a few factors might limit this score, such as terrible dialogue or weak performances by some of the actors. An example of this movie would be Big Trouble in Little China (1986).

8 out of 10 film projectors means getting the gang together; we’re watching this movie tonight. This movie is highly nostalgic and enjoyed by mainstream audiences. This type of movie becomes a cult classic, and dads routinely quote these movies to impress those who may listen. An example of a film that would be 8 out of 10 film projectors would be Rocky (1976).

9 out of 10, this film is almost perfect; however, there’s just one flaw in making this film genuinely iconic for decades. The nostalgia invoked by this film is extreme and can take us back to the first time we viewed this film. An example of a film is The Terminator (1984).

10 out of 10 film projectors means this film is truly perfect and holds a genuine place in our hearts. This is a film we can repeatedly watch and never get sick of. This is a film we’ll show our children and talk about how great it is. It is exceptional and deserves all the praise you give it.