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As we descend into November, I find myself patriotic for American Thanksgiving. Being a New Yorker, I have a deep love for Thanksgiving. The Macy’s Day parade has become a staple throughout my house. As well as, my birthday falls along the same week as Thanksgiving. For that reason, I have selected a Thanksgiving classic movie. That movie is Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973). While this may be considered a TV special, I define it as a movie due to this movie premiering like a movie on television. I may be bending through rules on this one; however, this is my website, and I am allowed some leeway when it comes to the rules of the website. Especially for this classic I associate with my birthday. Let’s get into this nostalgic review.
This short movie follows Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang preparing for the festivities of Thanksgiving Day. Woodstock and Snoopy prepare their own Thanksgiving meal for this day. At the same time, Charlie Brown and his sister prepare to visit his grandmother for Thanksgiving. However, one of Charlie Brown’s classmates, Peppermint Patty, invites herself and several other classmates to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving. The antics which take place throughout the film are genuinely iconic and enjoyable. However, will Charlie Brown be able to deal with the disaster set forth on Thanksgiving Day, and how will he handle this?
This short film was written and created by Charles M. Schulz. Charles is also the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, which gave life to these iconic characters. This short film premiered on November 20th, 1973, and was part of the Peanuts short films or TV specials that appeared for holidays throughout the year.
Since childhood, the Peanuts characters have held a special place in my heart. This iconic short film contains many classic moments in cinema and television history. The iconic scene of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football is in this movie. And being a Thanksgiving Day baby, the Peanuts balloons seen during the Thanksgiving Day Parade are genuinely magnificent. I have associated them with the parade so much that I could not envision the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade without them. I have had the opportunity to see this parade every single year. Like the viewing of the parade, watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) has become a tradition in my family’s household.
While this short film may have some flaws, such as the animations not being as lovely and some of the animations produced by Sony and Disney today, the animations associated with this film help with the nostalgic feel. The iconic jokes further push this movie into solidifying itself as a nostalgic classic.
Therefore, I give Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)—nine film projectors out of 10. Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving is truly worth being a Thanksgiving day tradition for any family.
I want to ask my audience what you think of Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving (1973) and whether it is part of your family’s traditions. Or what other movies do you think of when it comes to Thanksgiving?

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